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Weapon X: In Treatment

Writer Jason Aaron concludes his first arc on WOLVERINE: WEAPON X and then prepares to send Logan to the asylum

WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #6 preview art by Yanick Paquette
By Marc Strom

With every ending comes a new beginning.

For the X-Men's resident berserker, this week's WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #5 from writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney brings the series' first story arc to a close, while issue #6 begins an all-new storyline entitled "Insane in the Brain" from Aaron and artist Yanick Paquette on October 28.

When going after an adversary as well connected as the CEO of Blackguard in the current "Adamantium Men" story, Logan has more than the usual trouble to worry about.

"As we saw last issue, H.A.M.M.E.R. is now involved, which means Norman Osborn has an interest in the goings-on," Aaron recaps. "So yes, I'd say everyone involved should be concerned with reprisals."

Unlike many of Wolverine's past foes, Blackguard has a number of real world analogues, as Aaron points out:

WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #6 preview art by Yanick Paquette
"A sadistic businessman who will stop at nothing to make a buck, no matter who gets hurt in the process? Yes, that's obviously a complete exaggeration. We haven't seen that at all in the real world lately, have we?"

Looking back at his first arc on WOLVERINE: WEAPON X, Aaron had a number of things he sought to accomplish when kicking off the new series and feels he hit most if not all of his marks.

"I wanted something that was action-driven and that dealt with the legacy of the Weapon X program while still taking things forward," the writer relates. "And I was also looking to establish our two main supporting characters, the reporter Melita Garner and the old black ops vet Maverick. We'll be seeing a lot more of both of them in coming issues."

Speaking of taking things forward, Aaron will move from espionage thriller to horror in his next arc, "Insane in the Brain," beginning in WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #6.

"It's the claws," kids Aaron on the subject of Wolverine's versatility. "It's gotta be the claws. Really though, Logan is just a rich character who's still a very simple man in a lot of ways. It's always fun to throw him into different situations and see how he reacts. Usually it involves stabbing and slicing."

WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #6 preview art by Yanick Paquette
With "Insane in the Brain," however, Wolverine may have finally found a situation he can't just stab and slice his way out of, as he wonders what's landed him in an asylum.

"That's the big question," Aaron notes. "When the story opens, Logan himself doesn't know the answer. He doesn't even know who he is let alone how he's going to escape with his brain still intact."

While Wolverine has a world-class healing factor that can help any physical wounds he may receive, Aaron doesn't know if that same ability can save Logan's mind past a certain point.

"I think it's possible to push anyone to that point," the writer admits. "And we already know Logan has a bit of a berserker side. Let's just say, it could get ugly."

Just how ugly will things get? Aaron's last tease could provide a hint:

"Yanick Paquette draws pretty brains. No, really."

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