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Famous Fanboys

Famous Fangirls: Kristen Bell

"Couples Retreat" Star Kristen Bell talks comics with Marvel.com

Kristen Bell
By Blake Garris

Although Kristen Bell needs no introduction, we're going to give you one anyway. She first came out of nowhere with her breakout role as teen sleuth Veronica Mars on the UPN show of the same name. She then transitioned to the big screen with the hit comedy "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and further established her geek cred with the "Star Wars"-themed "Fanboys."

Firmly established as a bona-fide star, Bell recently completed a stint on the primetime ensamble show "Heroes" and currently narrates "Gossip Girl" on the CW. And it looks like it's going to be another busy couple of months for Bell as her latest film, the Jon Favreau-penned "Couples Retreat" comes out October 9 while two weeks later, you can hear her voice all over the animated action feature "Astro Boy." Suffice to say we're more than a little lucky to have found the time to chat with the star to talk about her love of Marvel, comics and more!

Marvel.com: Word has it you're not only acquaintances with, but also a
fan of, Ed Brubaker. How did the two of you meet and what do you like
about his work?

Kristen Bell: I met Ed at Comic-Con a few years back. He came up and introduced himself and we both gushed about the other's career for a few minutes, then he took out a copy of CAPTAIN AMERICA-with the famous picture of his open hand drawn on the cover. And he had written "Veronica Mars" on the palm, which is a reference to an old "Veronica Mars" episode where a dead guy shows up with Veronica's name written on his hand. I was so flattered.

Marvel.com: Do you have any particular favorite Marvel characters?

Kristen Bell: I really like the Avengers-because I love the idea and dynamics of team crime fighting, as opposed to a solo super hero.

Marvel.com: What got you into comics?

Kristen Bell: I wasn't into comics as a kid, and it wasn't until "Veronica Mars" when I started hanging out with fanboys and then was exposed to the world of comics. I didn't realize how keen the stories were or how many people await the continuation of the plots with each new comic. I think its kind of awesome, that the stories carry on and get passed onto different writers and the comic always continues. I wish some films were like that.

Marvel.com: Speaking of films, if you got your pick to play any Marvel
character, who would it be and why?

Kristen Bell: Wasp. Definitely Wasp. Because she's tiny, but still powerful. *smiles*

Marvel.com: Due to shows such as "Heroes," "Veronica Mars" and the movie "Fanboys"-you've become a bit of a "geek icon." Can you talk a little bit about what it's like to have a title like that?

Kristen Bell: The title is an honor. I love fanboys and am so flattered to be accepted amongst a group of fans that are so intelligent and specific about what they like. To me, fanboys are inspiring because they cannot be told to like something. It's a hard group to please. It has to be smart. They aren't ever really trying to be accepted or keep up with the mainstream. They like what they like because they like it. I think that's awesome.

Marvel.com: Can you talk a little bit about your experiences at comic
book conventions?

Kristen Bell: I would describe my experiences at Comic-Con as positive, and also a little crazy. I don't think I knew what I was getting into the first year I went. I thought, am I on another planet? People came out of the woodwork in pretty intense costumes, and some refused to break character all day. It was very entertaining. Comic-Con is great because they get a chance to celebrate all the comics they love with one giant three-day party.

Marvel.com: Let's talk "Heroes" for a minute. Your character had the
power to generate electricity. What did you think of that and what
powers would you have liked to have had?

Kristen Bell: Elle's power was pretty rad, and she could easily take control in any room she was in, because she had so much practice using her power.  I think if I got to choose though, I would take the power of persuasion. I feel like that's the power that cannot ever be challenged.

Marvel.com: I would be remiss if I didn't ask this, is there anything
you can tell us about the continuing adventures of Veronica Mars?

Kristen Bell: I would LOVE it if they made a "Veronica Mars" comic book. I'm gonna suggest that they do. Rob Thomas [the show's creator] and I had been talking casually for a while about making the movie, and all of the other cast members seemed to be on board. So we tried to pitch the film idea to Joel Silver and Warner Brothers recently-but sadly after the meeting Joel said there was no enthusiasm at WB to make the "VMars" film. I still think that's ridiculous and silly. We plan on trying again. I want the movie to be made just as much as the fans do.

Kristen Bell
Marvel.com: A lot of fans were left wondering who Veronica was going to end up with. I'm not sure if this is kosher to ask due to the possibility of the film, so feel free to  disregard if so, but do you      personally have a preference?

Kristen Bell: Well, as much as I adore Jason Dohring, I was never a Logan girl. In my head, Veronica was smart, kind, witty and deserving of a guy that treated her well. Logan was always breaking up with her or cheating with someone's mom. I want Veronica to have a stable guy, like Piz, who is kind, but also lets her be who she needs to be.

Marvel.com: Is there anything you can tell us about your upcoming
films 'When In Rome' and 'Couples Retreat?"

Kristen Bell: "Couples Retreat" is about four couples who go on vacation together to try and put some spice back into their marriages. We shot it in Bora Bora, which I couldn't even locate on a map before I went. The water is so blue, it looks like one of those billboards by the airport that you see and you think "that's not real." But it is real, and it's called Bora Bora.

"When in Rome" is about a girl who takes some souvenir coins from a fountain in Rome that is magical, and the guys that threw the coins in fall in love with her and basically start stalking her. Again, Rome is beautiful. I have very good luck with locations for some reason.

Marvel.com: Are there any other projects you'd like to talk about?

Kristen Bell: I did my first animated feature this year, "Astro Boy." It's pretty amazing to see how much work is put into drawing each character and putting in all the layers of life on the screen. "Astro Boy" is based on an old Japanese comic book character about a robot who looks like a real boy. It's set in a world where robots are second class citizens, despised by the human race. I've seen bits of the movie and it looks amazing.

Catch Kristen Bell in "Couples Retreat" on October 9, "Astro Boy" October 23 and "Gossip Girl" every week on the CW. "When in Rome" is slated for January 29, 2010.


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[quote@coupedeville68 Beautiful, funny, smart, and she knows her comics?! What's not to love![/quote] She doesn't know her comics. It's not like those were really thoughtful answers. She's big with fanboys and she was gunning for movie roles in comic films before, so this is all PR. I still remember when she tried to act like a big Star Wars geek because of one of her movies before and then could barely answer the most rudimentary questions about it. No thanks.


Beautiful, funny, smart, and she knows her comics?! What's not to love!


I love Kristen Bell lol and I love her even more since she likes comics.


Really, Kristen?Logan always cheated on Veronica (WHEN????), and slept with whose mother??? And he broke up with Veronica.... once! On the other hand, Veronica broke up with him.... what was it? Four times, I think?! Just don't talk about the show, since you never seen it, and stop insulting the fans of the show, fans of Jason Dohring and your fans in particular with even mentioning Piz, that stalker freak. God, I sometimes wonder what would happen to the show if Veronica Mars was played by Alona Tal....


If she was a Doctor Who fan she'd be my perfect woman!!!