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Incredible Hercules: The Origin of Amadeus Cho

The seventh-smartest person on the planet learns the full details of his origin in INCREDIBLE HERCULES #137

INCREDIBLE HERCULES #137 preview art by Rodney Buchemi
By Marc Strom

You'd think the seventh-smartest person on the planet would already know his origin.

For Amadeus Cho, though, his full story has remained obscure until now, and readers will catch the big reveal in INCREDIBLE HERCULES #137 on October 27, courtesy of writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente along with artist Rodney Buchemi.

As for why the writers chose this moment to spill on Cho's mysterious past, Van Lente tells us a number of factors came into play.

"Amadeus Cho is being groomed for a major role not just in the [INCREDIBLE HERCULES] series but in the Marvel Universe in general," the writer hints. "Whether he wants to admit it or not, he's been a kind of student in the ways of heroism with Herc as teacher-even if Herc often works better as a negative example-and there comes a time when all students have to apply what they've learned out in the real world, without the benefit of a

INCREDIBLE HERCULES #137 preview art by Rodney Buchemi
mentor's guidance. This adventure is Amadeus' trial by fire. Let's hope he survives it."

Amadeus' solo adventure came as the result of his splitting off from Hercules, an act that will impact the relationship between the two when they inevitably reunite.

"Amadeus really hurt Hercules' feeling by abandoning him so callously in Atlantic City," explains Van Lente. "We know he did it simply because he didn't want Herc following him, but that's not something he's going to necessarily get over all that quickly. But all friendships have their ups and downs. What may be more of a big deal is that the next time Herc and Amadeus meet, it may be as equals, rather than hero and sidekick. How will Hercules handle that?"

Issue #135 ended with the revelation that Athena, Hercules' sister, had some involvement in Amadeus' defining events, raising the question of whether or not Cho and Hercules' original meeting in World War Hulk was indeed as circumstantial as it seemed.

INCREDIBLE HERCULES #137 preview art by Rodney Buchemi
"[INCREDIBLE HERCULES] #137 answers that question fairly definitively," teases Van Lente.

Besides providing readers with Amadeus Cho's origin, the upcoming issue will also catapult INCREDIBLE HERCULES into the next phase of its ongoing storyline.

"The last-page shocker of #137 leads directly into the ASSAULT ON NEW OLYMPUS PROLOGUE and that crossover of divine proportions, so I wouldn't miss it, if I were you..."

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      Oh Ok. I have a subscription type thing. But they say that no one was buying it so they didn't order it in. I still added it onto my account, but they haven't ordered any in yet. Maybe I should have a word with them.


      [color=seagreen] Just an arrangement with your regular comic book.You tell them to bring you a copy every month (which, of course, you have to buy every month).I think most comic book stores do this. Then they save your comics for you. It is like a subscription.Otherwise, the comic book handlers have to think which books to order, and may leave some books out of the final order if they think they won't sell well, or if the solicitation was not cool enough for them.I worked as a comic book clerk some years ago, and it is easier to handle orders when many of your regulars have pull lists. That way there is a lesser risk of buying lots of books no one will buy, or leaving out books a lot of people will want (or leaving someone without their copy of an issue).[/color]


      [quote@kreemarvel [color=seagreen] Put it on your pull list, that way you're guaranteed a copy (and you help the book).Hercules's book has been great from the start, and it's been on my list since then, without any chance of being removed from there.[/color] [/quote] What's a pull list? I will defiantly be doing that though.


      [color=seagreen] Put it on your pull list, that way you're guaranteed a copy (and you help the book).Hercules's book has been great from the start, and it's been on my list since then, without any chance of being removed from there.[/color]


      This looks good. Hopefully my comic store will stock this again, they keep dropping it, it's driving me insane.