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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Doctor Voodoo

Marvel's rookie Sorcerer Supreme gets a little counseling before starting his new job

By Tim Stevens

Doctor Jericho Drumm is an adult male who appears to be of above average physical fitness. Drumm had been operating under the name Brother Voodoo as a costumed hero, but has recently been awarded the title and responsibilities of "Sorcerer Supreme," relieving Doctor Stephen Strange of the honor. The client offered that he will now be known as "Doctor Voodoo."

The client, who is a licensed psychologist, reports seeing the value of peer consultation and thus elected to visit the writer after a recommendation from Strange. Drumm's presenting problem is anxiety related to taking on his new duties as Sorcerer Supreme. While the position will call upon the client's already existing skill set, he has some concern that his talents are still not up to the task. Additionally, it is a role that comes with far more prestige, and thus attention, than any other job he has tackled before.

Further complicating matters is the client's assertion that the spirit of his dead brother, Daniel, also occupies his body and is far more excited about being the Sorcerer Supreme than the client. Thus, the taking on of a mantle that would have caused ambivalent feelings in the client in the first place is acerbated by his brother's constant heckling.

The writer has currently elected to take this statement at face value for the sake of building the therapeutic relationship, but is considering the possibility that Drumm may be suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, with the brother being one of the client's alters, or Schizophrenia, with Daniel in fact being a persistent auditory hallucination. A temporary psychotic break has been rejected as the client reports that this "collaboration" between he and his brother's spirit has been going on for some time. The writer will continue to evaluate the client for these possibilities throughout the course of therapy.

The client was given a homework assignment for next week designed to help him clarify his feelings on his new title and begin to better establish

where the anxiety is coming from and how it manifests itself. Drumm will bring the materials in next session and he and the writer will review them together.

Doctor Jericho Drumm's next appointment will be with Doctors Rick Remender and Jefte Palo on November 4. Further information on the session and case history can be found in their report DOCTOR VOODOO: AVENGER OF THE SUPERNATURAL #2.

Tim Stevens is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Doctoral Intern at a college counseling center currently pursuing his Psy D.

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