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New Mutants: Necrosha Rising

The dead come back to haunt this October, and writer Zeb Wells lets us know what familiar faces will reappear in NEW MUTANTS



NEW MUTANTS #6 cover by Adam Kubert
By Marc Strom

The dead have begun to rustle.

Beginning later this month, Necrosha will see many fan-favorite mutants make their return from the grave, and the events spill over to NEW MUTANTS #6 from writer Zeb Wells and artist Diogenes Neves on October 28.

"There are so many dead mutants from this team's past who would be cool to see," says Wells. "I also like seeing how this team interacts with the larger X-Men world whenever possible."

Selene, the main villain behind the events of Necrosha, first appeared in issue #9 of the original NEW MUTANTS series more than 25 years ago. And while this may make the team feel some responsibility for taking her down, Wells asserts they'll have more pressing issues on their mind.

"Selene gets them on the ropes fairly quickly, so it quickly becomes more an issue of their survival," warns the writer.

Doug Ramsey, a former New Mutant and one of the mutants brought back from the dead, will meet back up with the team in issue #6, but according to Wells "they're going to be pretty freaked out [by the reunion], I'm not going to lie to you."

NEW MUTANTS #7 cover by Adam Kubert
Warlock also made a re-appearance in NEW MUTANTS #5, and given his past relationship with Ramsey fans can expect him to play a significant role in the coming story.

"His relationship with Doug Ramsey will be paramount to the story and how it plays out," promises Wells. "Their initial reunion doesn't go very well, though."

Wells, no stranger to coordinating stories with others from his time as a Spider-Man Webhead, says that his experience working with the other writers involved in Necrosha offered up some great opportunities.

"It was kind of similar [to working with the Webheads] in that the stories you tell are yours, but you get to pick and choose the best ideas from the hive mind to play off of," Wells elaborates. "It's actually a lot of fun."

And while readers get ready for the series' second story arc, Wells states they will continue to see fallout from the first in the near future.

"We haven't seen the last of Legion or the Science team, and we'll be picking up on Shan's unspoken agreement with Illyana after Necrosha," the writer teases.

NEW MUTANTS #8 cover by Adam Kubert
Looking once more to the future, Wells hints that some significant events loom on the New Mutant horizon:

"After Necrosha we'll be introducing some characters that are going to play a major role in the New Mutants' second year."

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Nice nice. I don't collect this, but will be picking up these few issues for storyline purposes.