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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: The Kingpin

We're shedding some light on a few of Wilson Fisk's most memorable and devious exploits

By Ben Chabala

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

This week, to commemorate the release of DAREDEVIL: RETURN OF THE KING TPB, we're spotlighting some stories that show why Wilson Fisk has earned his moniker as the Kingpin of Crime!

Girls, grades, and sick relatives; what's a guy to do? With Aunt May in the hospital, his school work spiraling to shockingly new lows, and a non-existent social life, Peter Parker has finally decided to hang up his costume, or rather toss the ol' Spidey outfit in the trash. But has Peter's need for a date blinded him to the world's need for a Spider-Man? When the Kingpin begins to gather the rest of the crime bosses under his iron rule and criminals run rampant across the city it sure does seem like it! Will Spider-Man come out of retirement long enough to stop Wilson Fisk and his ever-growing criminal empire or have we seen the last of the Wallcrawler? Read on to find out!

DAREDEVIL (1963) #117
The Kingpin and Daredevil have beaten and bloodied each other physically and psychologically across the years, but we've got the first battle between the two enemies in this very issue! The mob has kidnapped Vanessa Fisk and the Kingpin wants her back, no matter the cost, even if it means trading in his files on every crime boss in the city. While the mob would like to see those dirty pages go up in flames Daredevil knows a certain lawyer who could use them to put organized crime behind bars. But if the Man Without Fear thinks he can just waltz into the Kingpin's lair and walk out with the merchandise, he's got another thing coming, specifically the Kingpin's very large fist at his face!

DAREDEVIL (1963) #221
While many believe Wilson Fisk's massive frame comes from an affinity for fine dining and catnaps, both Spider-Man and Daredevil can tell you otherwise. Fisk has honed his body into a destructive machine, with muscles that can pulverize stone and speed that belies his titanic girth. But it's not the Kingpin's physical power heroes fear, nor his prowess of numerous martial arts. They fear his mind. Beneath the fat and the muscle lives a cruel, vengeful, remorseless intellect unlike any the world has ever seen, and now this calculating mastermind has set his sights on Matt Murdock's personal life!


Tom Cochrane messed up and messed up big. A weapons deal he set up for the Kingpin of Crime went sour thanks to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and now someone has to pay the piper. Tom knows the score. He's known it for 20 years. But does he take his family and run? Where can they go that the Kingpin won't find them? Unfortunately, Tom knows the answer to that question too, so he dons his best Armani suit and heads over to see the boss. Not even Spider-Man could have imagined his actions would have such life-shattering consequences.


DAREDEVIL (1998) #116
After the death of the only woman he ever loved, Wilson Fisk seeks refuge from his past and from himself on the Costa de Morte, the Death Coast, in Spain. A strange place to try and find peace, no doubt, but for a time, one of the world's most dangerous men does. However, the Coast of Death soon lives up to its name as Lady Bullseye and the Hand make their appearance, swords and shuriken at the ready. Will the Kingpin finally meet his end at the point of an assassin's blade or will this only serve to re-awaken the demons Fisk has tried so desperately to bury?


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