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Archrivals: New Mutants vs Hellions

Trace back the sinister source of animosity between the New Mutants and Hellions

By Jim Beard

The feud between the New Mutants and the Hellions exists as a finite story, one that ended in death and destruction. Or did it? As X NECROSHA creeps into the X-Universe, old enemies rise to provide current threats.

NEW MUTANTS #7, due November 18, unearths a few graves and the New Mutants' lives may never be the same. The Hellions, students of the Hellfire Club and its White Queen Emma Frost, desire to pick a few bones with their former rivals-and being dead now fails to be an impediment!

To understand the hatred that exists between the two groups of young mutants one must peel back the layers of time and uncover the root of the problem. Pay attention, class...

NEW MUTANTS #16 (1984)

The Hellions made quite an introduction: poisoned by the White Queen's teachings, the teenagers set upon the New Mutants at Ms. Frost's Massachusetts Academy, matching power against power. The fight raged fiercely and the Hellfire Club's young protégés proved adept at battle, despite their age. The New Mutants thankfully held their own yet barely escaped.


NEW MUTANTS #38 (1986)

After a devastating encounter with the omnipotent Beyonder, the New Mutants fell into a deep funk. Watched over by Magneto at the time, they found themselves unable to revive from their depression. Emma Frost offered to tackle the problem at her Academy and Magneto shuffled the young heroes off to Massachusetts-and into the less-than-welcome arms of the hateful Hellions.

NEW MUTANTS #43 (1986)

Furious at the unnecessary turmoil Hellions member Empath had caused their friends Tom Corsi and Sharon Friedlander, the New Mutants kidnapped the emotion-manipulator in an attempt to teach him a lesson. The Hellions, not caring for the abduction of one of their own, rushed to Empath's rescue, but the New Mutants' collective good nature poured a bucket of cold water on the entire situation.

NEW MUTANTS #53 (1987)

Invited to a party at the Hellfire Club by their former headmaster Magneto, the New Mutants walked straight into conflict with their rivals, the Hellions. While some of the young mutants managed to get along, others bristled at the close quarters and low-simmering angers flared. When a mystery involving counterfeit statues arose, the two teams decided a competition to recover the works of art would be just the ticket to settle their differences.

UNCANNY X-MEN #281 (1991)

The Hellions ultimately met their end not at the hands of the New Mutants, but the whims of the evil Trevor Fitzroy and his Sentinels. At a Hellfire Club party attended by the X-Men, Fitzroy attacked, killing Hellions Jetstream and Beef. He then used his mutant powers to siphon the life-energies from the remaining Hellions, effectively ending their long-standing enmity with the New Mutants.

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[color=seagreen] At the time Magneto took the New Mutants to the party at the Hellfire Club he was still his headmaster. The text on that post was confusing.I wonder if still alive Hellions will be included in the story (Proudstar, Jones, Colbert and de la Rocha).[/color]


:gambit: This will be a good story. A nice return to grace for one of Marvel's classic rivalries. Totally looking forward to the "mini-Blackest Night" that is Necrosha!