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Marvel Swag

Marvel Swag: Marvel-Branded House Keys

Get your official Marvel house keys from your local hardware store!

Marvel keys

House keys will never be the same again, True Believers! Four of Marvel's mightiest heroes have exploded into hardware stores, and are available now on five never-before-seen house keys thanks to Howard Keys.

On the "Spider-Man Wallcrawler" key, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is shown against classic comic panels on the front, and demonstrates how he earned the nickname "Wallcrawler" on the back. "Spider-Man Skyline" features Spidey high in the skyscrapers of New York City, swinging to his next adventure.

The Captain America key features Cap standing guard on the front, and leaping into action on the back. Thor's key shows the Mighty Avenger prepared for battle, ready to defend Midgard and Asgard alike. The "Classic Wolverine" key shows Logan in his iconic blue and yellow costume, clawing his way out of the comic pages.

Ask for these keys at your local hardware store, or wherever house keys are cut. Retailers that don't already have these keys can order them for you through The Hillman Group. The Hillman Group sells to the keycutting industry only, and is unable to sell to the public.

Add some excitement to your keyring!



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      I want there to be a Loki key but still AWESOME!!!!


      UGH SON! Marvel swag is right!!!