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New Reebok Avengers and X-Men Themed Sneakers

Check out these Avengers and X-Men themed sneakers coming soon from Reebok!

Get ready to show off your favorite Marvel character with these new themed sneakers from Reebok! Today we'll be presenting the eight different pairs of sneakers based off of Avengers and X-Men characters!

Fans who are looking for something "old-fashioned" will be excited to see the Captain America themed pair, but those who prefer touch of chaos will want to check out the sneakers based on Cap's nemesis, The Red Skull! A teacher at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and former X-Man in his own right, Chamber has a pair of sneakers themed after his psionic powers. Emma Frost will want fans of her elegant taste to check out the White Queen sneakers based off of her appearance in The Hellfire Club. 

The first sneakers to be released will be the Black Widow and White Queen pairs, which will be available in July!

Keep an eye on Marvel.com tomorrow where we will be showing off the Spider-Man themed Reebok sneakers that are coming soon!

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      IronNamor member

      yea the chamber shoes are beyond me with all the characters they have and they make chamber shoes iron man shoes would be cooler


      I want to know which are the ones Tony is using at the end of Avengers.


      Chamber? please. that makes me cuss!


      still made by reebok, adidas wouldve been better


      Why Chamber has a pair is beyond me. They need Thor and Storm themed shoes. Now.