Marvel's The Avengers

Hero Up with Marvel's The Avengers Cologne

Unleash your inner-Avenger with colognes based on your favorite heroes!



"Marvel’s The Avengers" Cologne by JADS International fragrance company announce four heroic fragrances based on some of your favorite characters, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk.

"Marvel’s The Avengers" Iron Man Cologne

Capture Iron Man’s signature fragrance with the “Mark VII Cologne, Armor Up.” A sophisticated cologne, Mark VII combines mandarin and jasmine with a light patchouli for a scent that will have you exuding the same confidence as the genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist.

If you’re looking for a more All-American feel, Captain America’s “Patriot Cologne, Your Attack Plan” is right up your alley. Featuring hints of green lime and white pepper with dry oak wood, sandalwood, and tequila, the cologne encompasses Cap’s adventurous side.

Feeling god-like? Thor’s “Worthy Cologne, Possess the Power” boasts a woody citrus musk that brings together natural scents including bergamot, frozen ginger, and wheatgrass with a hint of fresh grapefruit and cypress. You’ll radiate a seductive, masculine scent with powers to rival Mjolnir.

And finally, Hulk’s “SMASH!, Be Angry” cologne is complementary to a full range of emotions, whether you’re feeling like Bruce Banner or are ready to party like the Hulk. The cologne combines clean top notes like yuzu and tarragon with water lily and nutmeg, followed by an intense woody dry down deepened by Indian sandalwood, musk, and cedar.

All of the colognes can be bought individually, or, if you can’t decide on just one scent, you can grab all four with the “Super Heroes Assembled” Avengers 4-Pack.

"Marvel’s The Avengers" Captain America Cologne
"Marvel’s The Avengers" Hulk Cologne
"Marvel’s The Avengers" Thor Cologne

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Oh my god. First guy who walks up to me smelling like one of those hotties...hell yes! Sexiest guy ever.


i would totally date a guy who wears one of these... especially if it was the patriot cologne..


i would totally date someone who wore captain americas or iron mans i want to smell them lol


I seriously would date someone that smelled like Tony Stark. Legit.


I will totally date a guy who wears one of these. No joke.