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Marvel Swag

Marvel UV Sunscreen Bands Spring Into Action

Hulk and Spider-Man come to the rescue against overexposure to UV rays!

Spider-Man and the Hulk are here to save you from sunburn this summer with brand new Marvel UV Protection Bands!

Marvel Entertainment, the Walt Disney Company, and Jads International join forces to offer this exciting new product that tells you exactly how much sun you're getting then warns you when UV rays take a dangerous turn. Coming with a choice of 36 or 50 per package, each superhero-decorated band starts at a base pink color before being exposed to sunlight--coated with the same brand of sunscreen you're using. After five minutes the bands activate to take on a purple tone, followed by lavendar when it's time to apply another layer of protection, then finishing off with yellow-white to signal that their time has come and you need to sheild yourself from the sun. Between our favorite web-slinger's spider sense and the Incredible Hulk's transformation, this product is sure to keep you out of harm's way!

Marvel UV Sunscreen Spider-Man Bands
Marvel Spider-Man and Hulk UV Sunscreen Bands

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