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Pick Up Super Hero Socks From ThinkGeek

Walk in style like Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine!

Iron Man, Wolverine and Spider-Man Socks from ThinkGeek
For too long some of the world's greatest super heroes have been plagued by an issue that affects us all. It is as inescapable as air and as unknowable as the deepest ocean: What happens to their socks in the washing machine?

Sure, cowls and masks come out unscathed. Cloaks and capes are even known to make it out of the dryer (though usually a touch smaller). But the socks and footwear? It began to be too much. Losses every week were beginning to negatively affect their ability to live their super hero lives. So what did they do? They called ThinkGeek.com for help.

The monkey-driven minds of the world's premiere online retailer to the geek community stepped up and said "No! Your feet will not go unclothed into battle!" Now Spider-man, Iron Man and Wolverine can have as many pair of socks as they need. In order to help complete the look, each pair of socks is designed to look like that hero's footwear. It helps when it comes time to sort the laundry.

They've also made them available to the public and can be purchased right now by visiting ThinkGeek.com.
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Jhai Mitchell
Jhai Mitchell

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