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Addict T-Shirt Series: Mitchy Bwoy Interview

Meet one of the designers of the new line of Marvel Addict t-shirts!

Addict Wolverine design by Mitchy Bwoy
By Blake Garris

Addict Clothing and Marvel have partnered together to create premium custom tees with designs from three UK illustrators at the very top of their game. We spoke with one of those artists Mitchy Bwoy who created the Wolverine and Hulk designs you can see below. We spoke about his love for Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet series, his background in art and much more.

Marvel.com: How did you get involved in the Addict Marvel series?

Mitchy Bwoy: I've been working with Addict clothing since the very beginning of my career. We've collaborated on loads of quality projects over the years including the 'Clown Girl' signature series and the 'Star Wars' artist series.

Marvel.com: How did you decide on which characters to use?

Mitchy Bwoy: I was given a selection of characters to choose from. The decision to choose Wolverine and the Hulk was easy -- they're both outsiders. They're not your typical hero types -- they don't play by the rules.

Addict Hulk design by Mitchy Bwoy
Marvel.com: Do you feel like you relate to Wolverine and the Hulk?

Mitchy Bwoy: I don't have any anger management issues -- but in many other ways yes. As the Hulk and Wolverine know only too well, non mutants can be very judgmental and frightened of things they don't understand. This is also true of people in real life. Trying to do the right thing for the benefit of others can often blow up in your face! Marvel.com: Do you have a history being a fan of Marvel?

Mitchy Bwoy: For years, yes. I originally started with the Silver Surfer. Thanos is my favorite nemesis and through the fantastic Infinity Gauntlet series I was introduced to a host of other characters from the Marvel universe.

Marvel.com: What drew you to Infinity Gauntlet?

Mitchy Bwoy: The art by George Pérez, and subsequently Ron Lim, is superb. I love the fact that the story is driven by my favorite characters (Thanos and The Silver Surfer). Also the sheer scale of the whole thing is immense. The fact that such astronomic chaos can be created by just one mad Titan trying to impress a lady, Mistress Death, shows how dangerous 'egotism' can be. Now hurry up and make the film please!!

Marvel.com: Can you tell fans about your background in art?

Mitchy Bwoy: After my graphic design degree, my career started mainly in the music business -- designing album and CD covers. These days its much more diverse; clothing, video, typography, advertising, events, exhibitions and etc. All sorts of stuff!

Marvel.com: Where did you come up with the idea for your designs?

Mitchy Bwoy: My brief from Addict was pretty concise. Looking at Marvel reference material -- choose a classic retro character design and give it a contemporary spin with my 'signature' style (hand done contour outlines colored with bits of spray paint, drips and splats).

For more from the Marvel Addict clothing line, visit their website. You can also visit Mitchy Bwoy's personal site here.



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