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By Kevin Pearl

Ever wonder how the many denizens of the Marvel Universe are all interconnected? 

"Marvel: The Expanding Universe Wall Chart" provides a unique tapestry of over 300 of your favorite Marvel characters in an insightful reference work that's one part poster, one part history book and a lot of "six degrees of separation." It's published by Rizzoli and you can order it right now in the Marvel Shop.

The meticulously researched work, which folds out to an eye-popping 12-foot masterwork, explores the connectivity of everyone's favorite Universe.
"Everybody on the planet knows of Spider-Man and the X-Men and The Hulk, et al, but some might not be aware of the action-adventures titles or the young women's titles or the Western titles or the horror titles. I hope the Wall Chart will introduce those to readers," said author Michael Mallory, who took on the monumental task of collecting data and artwork on nearly every Marvel character from the Fantastic Four to 1946's Blonde Phantom--all in order to create what he describes as "a visual metaphor."

"In selecting the representational figures, we tried to find a middle ground between traditional and modern incarnations," Mallory said. "[This way] the character would still be recognizable to a reader who perhaps remembered them from twenty or thirty years ago, but would still appeal to the devoted Marvel fan who knows the latest, state-of-the-art version of the character. Sometimes it was a tightrope walk."

The shared Universe that is Marvel also provides for some connections that may not be readily apparent to even the most ardent of Marvel fans.

"There are several strange and wonderful connective lines that involve the 1940s bobbysoxer Patsy Walker, due to her later transformation into the super heroine Hellcat," Mallory explained. "Patsy's teenaged BFF was Hedy Wolfe, who was a typical wartime teen; her later associate was Hawkeye, who at one point journeyed back to the 1800s to meet the Two-Gun Kid. So you can link Hedy Wolfe in the 40s to a Western hero who lived fifty years before she was born." 

Want more Marvel magnificence to add to your true believing knowledge base? Then you need to get your hands on "Marvel: The Expanding Universe Wall Chat" as soon as you can, it's not to be missed!

For a look inside "Marvel: The Expanding Universe Wall Chart," check out this video:



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Here is my review from Amazon.Not quite what I was expecting. It is awkward to unfold. It has a lot characters, some you wouldn't expect or understand the 'connections'. Found 4 mistakes so far. Warlock- picture is New Mutants Warlock, but the bio is Adam Warlock. Spider-Girl- picture is Arana, the bio is alternate universe Spider-girl. Guardians of the Galaxy label with picture of Galactic Guardians. Death- picture of Wolverine/Death, bio of actual Death. Its neat, but could have been so much cooler. :dead: