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By Ben Casper

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Hey there true believers! After the highly successful renovation of the Marvel Universe, it's time to get pumped for the next overhaul on Marvel News! This all-new format for the site is chock-full of mouth-watering goodies to keep Marvel readers everywhere super-keen on what's up with Marvel. Probably the most striking aspect of this innovative redesign is its overall appearance. The new look boasts a theme with great graphics from the Marvel Universe's most prominent publication, The Daily Bugle. What could be more appropriate than the Web-Slinger's hub? That's not all! This isn't just a facelift--there are loads of cool new features all over the site too. On the main news page there are still plenty previews and links to all of the latest stories, but on the right-hand margin there're cool new widgets that let viewers know which are the most popular stories, which are the most talked about stories on message boards, and even a stock market-type widget that keeps track of the most subscribed-to comics.

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According to Peter Olson, Director of Web Development, who heads up all new evolutions and transformations, the most exciting aspect of the new news page, aside from being a whole lot easier to navigate, is the site's full integration into the all the great features the rest of has to offer, especially the universe. When a story is viewed, there are boxes that let readers know which of Marvel's characters are involved in the story, including links to their bios in the Marvel Universe, other news stories with that character and links to message board posts where readers can voice their own opinions on the story. So get ready for a revolution Marvel fans, the new Marvel News is going to bring in a whole new era of staying on top of your favorite comics, movies, video games, toys and more!



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