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5 Wallpapers Featuring Marvel Heroines

Celebrate Marvel Fearless Females in Style!

This week we've highlighted some of our favorite Marvel Heroines, detailing their exploits, revealing their breakout moments and throwing the spotlight on a Heroine of the Day. Now capture some of Marvel's fearless females at their most awesome with this series of wallpapers.

X-23, Black Widow, Maria Hill, Invisible Woman and Valkyrie. Decorate your desktop with a favorite or download them all!

Celebrate Marvel Heroines Week in style and be sure to stick around Marvel.com and remain up to date on all things super-powered.

X-23 Dell'Otto Wallpaper
Black Widow #6 Wallpaper

Secret Invasion #5 Wallpaper

FF #3 Character Variant Wallpaper

Fear Itself: The Fearless #2 Wallpaper

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