Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Update: Who's to Blame?

Witness What Happened the Day Marvel Digital Comics Went Live and Slowed Down



On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Marvel Comics unveiled the largest collection of comics ever assembled online—Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. The release generated such intense public interest that traffic to immediately reached extraordinary levels—many, many times the company's highest projections. With the load on Marvel's servers at an unprecedented high, began slowing to a crawl. The company immediately reacted to the onslaught by quickly upgrading and expanding capacity as users clambered at the virtual doors of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited—hoping to be fortunate enough to reach the site. Yes, the site is working well now. However, as Marvel always allows its fans insider access to what occurs behind Marvel's closed doors, has released the following videos so that everyone can truly understand what transpired during the perfect storm of events of that day.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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