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Show the World Your Super hero

MarvelKids.com displays your creative creations

Hey kids! Got your creative juices flowing and crafted your own super hero in our Create Your Own Super Hero application?! Feel like showing the world your masterpiece?! Well now you have the option to enter your crime fighting, genetically altered super human into the Super Hero Gallery! That's right...Other Marvelites are going to be checking out your handiwork and rating it so quality is a must! With this new feature, any True Believer can browse and sort all the submitted creations by date, name, user and user ratings! The best will earn five glorious stars! But remember, you must be registered and logged in before passing judgment upon your fellow peers' creations! To better aid you in your reviewing, don't forget to download images and look at them in full size for full viewing pleasure. So hop to it True Believers! Head over to MarvelKids.com and let the world see your very best!

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