Mighty Marvelites Assemble...Online!

Marvel is now on a slew of social networking websites...so come be our friend!



It's a brave new digital world out there, True Believers—and now is your chance to be a part of it! Here at Marvel.com, we want to be the best at what we do. In today's world, that means conquering the new frontier—that new-fangled Interwebs you young-uns keep talking about! So, here's a list of social networks, blogs and more where all you Mighty Marvelites can assemble! We know how much you like to make new friends, so check us out on MySpace.com! Better yet, you can contact Marvel Editor-in-Chief extraordinaire Joe Quesada on the official MySpace MyCup o' Joe page and get the answers to all those comics questions that keep you up at night! If you're partial to Facebook (or want to become partial to it!), we've got you covered. You can now add the Marvel Digital Comics application or "become a fan" of Marvel Entertainment on Facebook. Browse the back issues you might've missed, stay up-to-date with Marvel news, watch videos, chat with other fans about your favorite comics and more! Our latest digital conquest? The official Marvel Twitter—because even the Daily Bugle couldn't get you the latest word faster than this blogspot! Become a Marvel "follower" on Twitter and get the 411 as it happens and communicate directly with the Marvel.com editors! As if all this weren't enough, we're currently working hard to bring you the best YouTube channel we can. Although it's still under construction, tune into our Marvel.com channel for some video goodness. Keep watching for our new-and-improved version, coming soon!

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