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Twitter: Your Marvel Universe Update 1

Who's new to the Marvel Twitter scene? Find out here.

By Agent M I trust you've all read our first story about Twitter. Well, since we posted that in November, a fair number of Marvel folks have joined the ranks. Freshly minted Twittering members of the Marvel staff include (but are not limited to) Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, Marvel Comics Senior Editor Mark Paniccia and Marvel Comics editors Daniel Ketchum, Charlie Beckerman and Nick Lowe. Marvel Comics writers and artists on Twitter now include (but are not limited to) Michael Avon Oeming, Kathryn Immonen, Mike Choi, Kalman Andrasofszky, Mark Brooks, Frank Tieri, Rob Liefeld, Colleen Coover and Jeff Parker. Oh, and there's also Joe Quesada's cat. And those are just some of the newest additions to the Marvel crew. Click here to see all the Marvel staff, creators and associates on Twitter. [If you're in the dark about Twitter, it's a place to share what you're doing, what you like and what you know with people. Here's the FAQ.] If you are on Twitter, we'd like to ask for a little help from Marvel fans far and wide. We're in the running for the Shorty Awards, an an award celebrating the best of the best on Twitter. We've been making headway, but we need the help of True Believers far and wide to win this one. Go here and scroll down to vote for Marvel in the Shorty Awards! So what are you waiting for? Head to Twitter, check Marvel out and be sure to say hi. Twitter's just one part of the vast Marvel Audience Network! Join us on MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Sling and FriendFeed. Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise!




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