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A Million Agent_M Followers Can't Be Wrong!

Marvel's own Agent_M rapidly approaches one million Twitter followers!

By Johnson W. Sattiewhite

In the guise of Agent_M, he tweets about tacos, cute kittens, movies, video games, comic books, the occasional plate of non-taco foodstuffs and so much more.

And somehow Agent_M's real life counterpart, Marvel.com Editor Ryan Penagos, has parlayed those mini messages into nearly one million followers!

Penagos continues to climb his way to the top of the Twitter rankings, currently residing at number 92 out of roughly 18 million tweeple (Twitter subscribers=tweeple) with his nearly 970,000 followers.

Agent_M claims more followers than the likes of Major League Baseball, Jeremy Piven, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Larry King Live, ABCNews.com, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and too many more to mention.

Averaging at least 1100 tweets a month, it's only a matter of time before the rest of the online masses join the madness that is Agent_M's Twitter feed!

Want to help him bust through the million mark AND get the freshest news hot off the presses from deep inside Marvel (plus the occasional adorable puppy photo)?! Then follow Agent_M right now on Twitter!

Congrats to Ryan Penagos, aka Agent_M, from everyone here at Marvel.com!


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For all the work Agent M has done on Twitter (for Marvel and for tacos), it's no surprise he's going to break 1,000,000 soon. So awesome for him and for Marvel in general. Throw in other things like stellar music recommendations and cute pictures of cats, and it's obvious that Ryan's been a great person to follow on Twitter. I would assume the other 970,000 of us agree. Great work, Agent M. Look forward to more in the future.