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Planet Hulk DVD

Planet Hulk Premiere Rocks Two Coasts

Celebs and Marvel stars go green for "Planet Hulk" DVD premiere!

By David Press

Joe Quesada, Matt Striker, Greg Pak and Eric Rollman
Tons of “puny humans” packed the Paley Center in both New York City and Los Angeles to capacity Thursday night, January 14 for the world premiere of the Marvel Animation and Lionsgate DVD release: “Planet Hulk”—in stores, Tuesday, February 2.

Hosted by Newsarama.com, New York Comic Con in association with Lionsgate Films and Marvel Animation, the event featured the super special bi-coastal debut viewing of the much anticipated film, “Planet Hulk,” followed by Q&A sessions with top Marvel animation and publishing talent.

Marvel's Editor in Chief Joe Quesada
Here’s the first word on the flick: the epic “Planet Hulk” storyline of the comic book series comes to action-packed animated life dynamically and dramatically, but if you’re expecting a page for page retelling, think again Hulk-o-philes!

In addition to the screening, New York fans were treated to an evening with Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada, Marvel Animation President Eric Rollman, original “Planet Hulk” comic series writer Greg Pak and special guest moderator, WWE Superstar, Matt Striker!

WWE Superstar And Marvel Fan Matt Striker
In Los Angeles, special guest Blair Butler, from G4’s “Attack of the Show,” moderated a panel featuring comic writer extraordinaire Jeph Loeb, “Planet Hulk” Supervising Director Frank Paur, “Planet Hulk” Supervising Producer Josh Fine and the voice of the Hulk, Rick D. Wasserman!

Writer Greg Pak And WWE Superstar Matt Striker Meet Fans
Striker, a long time Marvel fan, opened the New York panel by speaking passionately about his love for Marvel comics and noting his anticipation for the upcoming “One More Day” follow-up from Joe Quesada.

Planet Hulk Writer Greg Pak
“For me,” Striker said, “No matter what life has dealt, it’s a pleasure to speak with the people who create the universe that allows us to escape everyday life.”

Attending fans, clearly in tune with Striker’s sentiments, fired volleys of questions at the panel and among the many topics offered up, wanted to know about the origins of the “Planet Hulk” storyline and if the next “Hulk” animated project would be an adaptation of “World War Hulk.”

Quesada explained that it was during a past Marvel Creative Summit that
Marvel Animation President Eric Rollman
he had pitched Pak on the idea of Hulk, in battle armor, fighting in an alien gladiator arena.

“The rest,” Quesada said, “Greg made up—including the alien names like ‘Miek’ [pronounced meek].”

“Yeah, I had to go to Oxford just to come up with that one,” Pak answered, laughing.

Regarding a “World War Hulk” adaptation, Pak revealed, “We [Rollman and Pak] were just talking about that. And I’d love it if he gave me a crack at the ‘World War Hulk’ screenplay!”

Joe Q Signs Some Merch For The Fans

As for other Marvel storylines the panel members would like to see in animated form, Pak answered: “X-Men Brood War,” Rollman said “Civil War,” and Quesada capped it off with this enticing tidbit, “I think ‘The Death of Captain America’ would be a really great one.”

Excited for the February 2 release of “Planet Hulk” on DVD and Blu-ray? So are we! In addition to the photos from last night’s event, be sure to check out concept art from the “Planet Hulk” production just below! Plus, stay tuned to Marvel.com EVERY DAY until “Planet Hulk’s” release for more art, exclusive goodies, video clips, interviews and more!


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      Planet Hulk was an awesome story, and will most likely be an awesome movie too :hulk: