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Doctor Strange Animated Movie

Doctor Strange Animated DVD Details Revealed

Special features, specs, featurettes and more

With the release of Doctor Strange, the newest animated feature from Marvel Studios just around the corner, Marvel is here to provide you a peak at some of the features you can expect to see when the DVD and Blu-Ray disc hits stores August 14, 2007. DVD/BLU-RAY SPECIAL FEATURES: - "Best of Marvel Video Game Cinematics" featurette and select scenes "Best of Marvel Video Game Cinematics" includes a video montage of extraordinary CGI cinematics, as well as 13 select scenes from both Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends 2. Containing over 20 minutes of content, this unique feature brings forth a wealth of content that would normally only be available to gamers who've played through the Marvel/Activision titles. - "Who is Doctor Strange?" featurette Classic "Dr. Strange" scribes explain the creation and development of the surgeon turned hero. Learn how the animated feature spins the magic in the fourth installment of Marvel's film series. The featurette includes interviews with Stan Lee, Steve Englehart, J.M. DeMatteis, Eric Rollman (executive producer), Frank Paur (supervising producer), Greg Johnson (screenwriter) and Craig Kyle (executive producer). - Doctor Strange Concept Art Presented along with music and dialogue from the movie, this cinematic featurette showcases original sketches and design materials created for Doctor Strange. - First Look at Avengers Reborn feature What legacy will the Avengers leave? And will their successors be able to fill the shoes of Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Executive producers Eric Rollman and Craig Kyle, director Gary Hartle, and screenwriter Christopher Yost present a first look at Avengers Reborn, the next Marvel/Lionsgate animated film. Complete with storyboards, production stills and character designs, get a glimpse at what happens when the Avengers leave the retirement home in this futuristic look at the classic heroes and their heroic children. - Trailer Gallery Check out the trailers for other Marvel animated features as well as select Lionsgate films. DVD/BLU-RAY SPECS: Format: Widescreen (1.77:1) Feature Running Time: 95 Minutes DVD Audio Status: English and Spanish Dolby 5.1 and 2.0 Blu-Ray Disc Audio Status: English 7.1 DTS HD Master Audio and English and Spanish 5.1 Dolby® Digital Surround EX™ Audio
For news, downloads, videos and more, check out the official Doctor Strange DVD page here on Marvel.com. And be sure to buy the Doctor Strange DVD.
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