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Iron Man 2 Movie

Big Time Buzz: Iron Man 2 Press

News clips and critical reactions to 'Iron Man 2'

The "Iron Man 2" movie has generated quite a bit of buzz in recent weeks, and with the movie opening this Friday, May 7, check out what everyone's been saying about your favorite Shellhead!

Updated May 7:

Robert Downey and "Iron Man 2" get the cover treatment on the latest issues of Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly!

"'Iron Man 2' is in the tradition of the great [second] films in the series we love the second films from. You know the titles. Where you were scared that it was going to be watered down, you were worried that there was going to be too much to juggle, when you were terrified it was just going to pander to kids. No. 'Iron Man 2' is made for us - all of us." —Harry says IRON MAN 2 hits the sweet spot over and over again!
Appearing at AINTITCOOLNEWS.com

"'Iron Man 2,'" opening Friday, kicks off the summer movie season with laser blasts, rocket guns and a smash-ending set in New York." —Iron Man 2
Appearing at NYDAILYNEWS.com

"Even better than the first! "—Iron Man 2
Appearing at BOXOFFICE.com

"...'Iron Man 2' is an awful lot of fun, and particularly in the wake of only so-so recent comic-booky films (think "The Losers," or "Kick-Ass"), it remains in a different class of action movie altogether.—Iron Man Lives Again!
Appearing at Observer.com

"Certified fresh!"—Iron Man 2 (2010)
Appearing at RottenTomatoes.com

“As with The Dark Knight, the second IRON MAN shows how to follow up a superhero origins story with an expanded vision to rival what came before”—Iron Man 2
Appearing at PerthNow.com (The Sunday Times)

"Iron Man 2 pits Robert Downey Jr. against Mickey Rourke, with crazy-good results."—Battle of the Rehabbed Stars
Appearing at NYMag.com

"We knew Robert Downey Jr wouldn't disappoint. Despite his broken robot heart, he is clearly having the time of his life, and unlike so many onscreen millionaires, he carries it all off convicingly. (The fact RDJ has his own amazing house, live-in butler and algae shakes clearly helped). Bonus points that he is power-suited in every sense - his custom-made David August tailoring looks spot on."—Greatest Iron Man 2 moments
Appearing at GQ-MAGAZINE.co.uk 

"Theroux's constantly witty banter and Favreau's barrage of gleaming hardware and gogglesome software (including Johansson) act like cinematic 3-in-1; it's a well-oiled machine."—Iron Man 2
Appearing at MOVIES.SKY.com

"To find a comic-book hero who doesn’t agonize over his supergifts, and would defend his constitutional right to get a kick out of them, is frankly a relief."—Fighting Form
Appearing at NEWYORKER.com

"'Iron Man 2' is fun, funny and exciting. It clocks in at a little over two hours, but is never dull. There are plenty of nice little touches for comic book fans, but it's not so fan-boyish that general audiences will feel left out."—Iron Man 2 review
Appearing at SCREENJABBER.com

"An entertaining popcorn flick"—Iron Man 2 (2010)
Appearing at MOVIEZINE.se

"Spectacular action movie which you should see at least twice. (4 out of 5 stars)"—Iron Man 2
Appearing at MOVIE2MOVIE.nl

"Iron Man 2 is the Tony Stark of films - utterly aware of just how awesome it is, just how much it's already done and yet charming and funny enough to get away with it all."—Iron Man still shines
Appearing at MEDIA.SMH.com.au

"Films like this often come down to moments... are there moments in this movie I want to see again immediately?  Yes.  In fact, I'm leaving town this morning to do exactly that... see it again.  And I'm taking my wife with me, because the first film sort of blew her mind. "—Review: Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke go head-to-head in star-studded 'Iron Man 2'
Appearing at HITFLIX.com

"Twitchy, talky, muscly Robert Downey Jr strengthens his grip on the role that made him a player in this spectacularly efficient and efficiently spectacular sequel to 'Iron Man.'"—Iron Man 2
Appearing at GUARDIAN.co.uk

"As good as the first one. I like the fact that action and characters are evenly developed. Good humor, performances and special effects."—Iron Man 2
Appearing at CINETELEREVUE.be

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