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Iron Man 2 Movie

Iron Man 2 Up Close: Jon Favreau

The director of "Iron Man 2" shares the secrets of steering a successful sequel

Only a day remains before "Iron Man 2" hits the big screen for all to see, and here at Marvel.com we're dedicated to getting you so close to the action you'll feel like you're decked out in your own suit of armor! Our series of "'Iron Man 2' Up Close'" articles will get you in the heads of the key folks working to bring you this blockbuster-today we've got director Jon Favreau, and tomorrow Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle! Enjoy!


By Zack Zeigler

A lackluster sequel can poison a franchise. "Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau had a few concerns when it came to preventing the highly anticipated follow-up to "Iron Man" from falling into a subpar classification and rusting at the box office.

Director Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan
"The challenge... was how to stay true to what audiences enjoyed about the first film while at the same time raising the bar in every aspect-an interesting but sometimes difficult line to walk," he said in the film's production notes.

The stress to deliver another blockbuster was inevitable after the first movie grossed more than $585 million worldwide. The impact of Favreau's efforts helped reshape the perception of his directorial capabilities and transformed him from that dude in "Swingers" into the guy who directed "Iron Man."

"[There's] a lot of pressure, but I like it," he said at the 2009 Comic-Con in San Diego. "There is no way to half-ass it and have a good movie, not for me. To me, it's what you are passionate about enough to explore for two years."

Favreau's directing style calls for heavy improvisation from the cast. He urges actors to explore each scene for more emotion and chemistry in hopes it will generate realism onscreen. However, that style invites a frantic pace that includes numerous revisions, which kept screenwriter Justin Theroux on his toes to keep up with the ever-changing script.

"What has to happen in each scene, we understand," Favreau told reporters in Los Angeles two weeks before the May 7 premiere. "We leave a lot of room within those scenes and try to do multiple cameras sometimes or stay up and rewrite. And Justin was doing multiple passes,

sometimes double-digit passes on scenes, because we learned things from each scene that we shoot."

Although "Iron Man 2" will continue the story where the first film left off-when Tony Stark outs himself as Iron Man-Favreau wants moviegoers to know they don't necessarily have to know "Iron Man" line-by-line to enjoy "Iron Man 2."

"I lose track of stuff, especially with sequels as the franchise gets more complex," he said. "I don't always remember what happened in the last movie. I'm not going to do homework before I go see a sequel to be up on everything, so we tried to keep that simple."

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I was so lucky to stay after the credits. I saw it at IMAX in Sydney and the seats are so close together we couldn't leave until others did, so we decided to see if some of the stuff that was in the trailers but not in the film was in it. But what was there was even better.


John did an excellent job on Iron Man 2. He was also very good in his role.You have to stay to see the scene after the credits !!!

pete moderator

We saw the movie last night at the Marvel screening. So good.