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Doctor Strange Animated Movie

Comic-Con 2007: Doctor Strange Screening and Panel Report

By Jeffrey Harris Photos by Kalia Cheng

Doctor Strange

Fans were hanging from the rafters in Hall 6E in order to get a chance at seeing the world premiere of the new Lionsgate/Marvel Studios animated film, "Doctor Strange." Marvel VP of Animation Craig Kyle was present to introduce and start the movie with a bang, after convention organizers painstakingly made sure that every seat was full so as many fans as possible got a chance to watch the fourth animated Marvel feature (following "Ultimate Avengers," "Ultimate Avengers II" and "Invincible Iron Man."). The movie received an excellent reception, and virtually all the fans in attendance agreed that this was the best animated Marvel feature yet.

Greg Johnson

Following the movie, Craig Kyle ushered out the screenwriter, Greg Johnson, and director, Frank Paur, both of whom were involved in all of the last three films in order to talk about the wonderful experience of bringing Doctor Strange to life and to take questions from eager, satisfied fans. Paur and Johnson were both in full agreement with the fans that this is the best animated Marvel film they've been involved with so far.

Frank Paur

Johnson discussed his attraction to the story and wanted to express a Dr. Stephen Strange who at first is unlikable and a bit of a curmudgeon, but is stripped away of everything he cares about, and ultimately has to go on a journey of self-discovery in order to heal his scarred spirit. When asked by fans what Marvel character or characters he'd want to work on for the next animated feature, Johnson specifically mentioned interest in wanting to do a solo animated feature for famed X-Men character, Gambit, who Johnson feels has the perfect look, voice and costume.

greg Johnson
and Frank Paur

Director Paur, on the other hand, said the character he wants to do next is Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Could these possibly be a hint at some of the inevitable features in the Marvel/Lionsgate movie lineup? Kyle said there is potential for all these movies to see the light of day after excited fans pressed the subjects. He said that, ultimately, the fans themselves will dictate if that happens or not by buying the movies and to keep watching them.

Frank Paur

When asked if they'd watched 1970's live-action made-for-TV "Doctor Strange" movie for reference, Paur and Johnson both thankfully responded in the negative. And we, dear fans, would have to say that's news to our ears.
Going to Wizard World Chicago? Check out a special screening of "Doctor Strange" on Friday, August 11 at 5 p.m. And remember, the feature-packed DVD and Blu-Ray "Doctor Strange" feature film goes on-sale Tuesday, August 14!
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