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Doctor Strange Animated Movie

Doctor Strange Soundtrack Details and 3 Free MP3 Downloads

Can't wait to experience the magic that is Doctor Strange? Get an early taste of the movie by checking out the official soundtrack, now available on iTunes! A 45-track epic composed by Ultimate Avengers' own Guy Michelmore, the Doctor Strange original soundtrack is truly crafted with the Magic of the Ancient One. And costing only $9.99, this musical tour-de-force is a steal that even the evil sorcerer Mordo would be proud of. Feeling a little trepidatious about dropping $10? Rejoice, as we at Marvel.com are providing three of the tracks available free for download! "Doctor Strange - Main Title," "Help Me" and "The Battle Begins" whisk listeners through the mystical world of Doctor Strange. Bringing its audience full circle from the good doctor's arrogant and selfish past to his transformation into the world's most powerful and honorable sorcerer, Michelmore's is a soundtrack full of intense melodies that will haunt you and quite possibly even rock your soul to its very foundations. So after you snag our free tracks and before you see the movie, do yourself a favor and download the soundtrack. Its tracks are sure to please and leave you longing to even battle the dread Dormammu himself. Just make sure your Eye of Agamotto has a headphone jack. Michael Michelmore - "Doctor Strange - Main Title" from the Doctor Strange Original Soundtrack Michael Michelmore - "Help Me" from the Doctor Strange Original Soundtrack Michael Michelmore - "The Battle Begins" from the Doctor Strange Original Soundtrack
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