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Iron Man Movie

Praise and Respect for Iron Man at Comic-Con 2007

See what fans and critics had to say about Iron Man's presence in San Diego

By Micah Stahl Photos by Ryan Penagos, Kalia Cheng, Katie Doland, Benjamin Deloose, Jennifer Souza and Pinguino Kolb

Jon Favreau and
the Iron Man armor

Tony Stark has it all: a billion-dollar corporation, a radical suit with repulsor ray capabilities, a rump-kicking goatee and so much more. He can now add Comic-Con 2007 to that list. Critics far and wide are raving that the Iron Man movie stole the show! With an Audi R8, the Mark I armor, a special trailer--that was shown multiple times due to fan demand--and copious amounts of love in hand, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. rocked the convention alongside trusted cast and crew members. And you better believe the Iron Man events at San Diego Comic-Con 2007 proved the most exciting in California. We're celebrating the film's successful outing with this collaboration of quotes from the press. After waking from her mighty slumber, the fat lady roars, announcing the end of Comic-Con and singing praises for the movie that the world can't wait to see! May 2, 2008, you can't come fast enough!

Downey Jr.

"It has always been risky for comic book companies to hand their properties to a studio, because... the resulting product is...less than stellar. Well, no more. At least, not for Marvel. ... Comic book enthusiasts, you should feel pleased - very pleased." - Comicbookresources.com
"The sole standing ovation of a movie panel at this year's convention." - DarkHorizons.com
"Absolutely amazing! This definitely looks like it will be INCREDIBLE!" - FirstShowing.net
"The movie looks absolutely fantastic" - SuperHeroHype.com

Iron Man
Mark 1 armor

"The Marvel Comics booth was the place to be Saturday afternoon, as the grey "Mark 1" suit from the upcoming 'Iron Man' film starring Robert Downey, Jr. was unveiled... er, un-crated... to crowds of fans" - ComicBookMovie.com
"Robert Downey Jr. absolutely killing in the role of a billionaire weapons king" - The Mercury News
"Robert Downey Jr. absolutely owned the role of Tony Stark. Owned it." - ScreenRant.com
"And then...the red and gold suit. It looks as fantastic as it ever did in the comics." - ComicBookResources.com

Jon Favreau

"The footage really shows that there is going to be a lot visual excellence to it, purely because most of what they showed did not have any digital effects added. Besides the flying scenes where Iron Man is flying in the Mark III armor with two fighter jets behind him, all of the fighting scenes...are all practical effects. I really think this could be the next big franchise." - FirstShowing.net
"I felt like I needed a freaking cigarette when it [the Iron Man trailer] was done." - ScreenRant.com
"They did show the footage again and it was AMAZING. The actors saw it for the first time themselves and they were STUNNED. THE CROWD APPLAUDED!" - LatinoReview.com

Marvel Studios

"At today's Marvel Studios panel, it was obvious that fans thought Favreau was the right man to bring the saga of the armored Avenger to the big screen." - IGN.com
"All in all the footage was great and Iron Man now looks like a movie on the rise." - RopeofSilicon.com
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