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Doctor Strange Animated Movie

Wizard World Chicago 2007: Doctor Strange Screening

The anticipation continues to build for the newest animated feature from Lionsgate and Marvel Studios, "Doctor Strange." Some lucky fans at San Diego Comic-Con got the chance to see a special screening of the film. If you were not able to make it to there, fear not! You will get another chance! Check it: Head over to the Marshall Rogers Room at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center during Wizard World Chicago on Saturday August 11, 2007-5 p.m. sharp! But be sure to get there early and get a good seat. "Doctor Strange" tells the story of how the selfish and arrogant doctor, Stephen Strange, rose to become the Sorcerer Supreme, battling the dreaded being Dormammu and his disciple Mordo. Get set for action, adventure, magic, suspense and an extra helping of action, whether you see the movie at Wizard World Chicago or on DVD (or Blu-Ray!), when it hits stores on August 14.
For news, downloads, videos and more, check out the official Doctor Strange DVD page here on Marvel.com. And be sure to buy the Doctor Strange DVD.
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