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Doctor Strange Animated Movie

The Doctor is In: Doctor Strange DVD and Blu-Ray in Stores Now

See what fans and critics have to say about Marvel's latest animated smash

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Doctor Strange

He's finally in! The physician with a radical prescription, the surgeon with a yearnin', the medicine man with a mystical plan, the one and only Stephen Strange is in the house! Why? Because the "Doctor Strange" DVD and Blu-Ray is available in stores everywhere-right now! After acclaimed screenings at San Diego Comic-Con and Wizard World Chicago, the Doc is prepped and ready to do rounds on your TV. Follow Stephenen Strange into a supernatural world shrouded by ancient spells and evil demons. Whether you choose DVD or Blu-Ray, your disc of choice is injected with bonus features including a behind-the-scenes documentary about the creation of Doctor Strange, Marvel video game cinematics clips, a first look at the upcoming "Avengers Reborn" and more! With all these features and a killer movie, this disc is sure to rock your summer.

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Doctor Strange

But don't just take our word for it. See what critics and fans have to say about "Doctor Strange," the new Master of the Cinematic Arts! "This mystical adventure is as a fine an adaptation as any neophyte or life-long fan might require-brimming with fluid, skillfully-drawn animation, strong voice acting, a gripping story and a smattering of pulse-pounding, magical battles." - IGN.com "The Doctor Strange movie I watched with the crowd Friday night at San Diego Comic-Con was good-damn good" - Newsarama.com "Marvel has really set the bar with its direct-to-DVD animated movies. The animation quality and strength of plot for this one are both high, and all beg for sequels." - www.The-Trades.com "Marvel Studios has given us a classic character that needs more exposure" - FilmSchoolRejects.com "The conventional manner of the portrayed 'mysticism' and 'magic' that Lionsgate and their talented staff have come up with has plenty of real traction and creates a really firm and compelling story." - Newsarama.com "There's a greater depth here than similar movies usually attain, and the subtle blending of solid character work, inspired action and expert filmmaking allow Doctor Strange to rise above the ordinary direct-to-DVD animated adaptation." - IGN.com "It was great to see a new, gritty vision of comic books on film" - FilmSchoolRejects.com "Marvel's fourth animated direct-to-video feature proves to be their best so far." -www.qwipster.net "The animation is excellent... and the story is tight from start to finish...Doctor Strange will not disappoint." - World's Finest DVD Report www.wfdvdreport.com "This feature does an excellent job in weaving action, humor and drama into a well-paced 90 minutes of entertainment." - Entertainment News International www.enewsi.com "Doctor Strange had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end." - Comics2Film.com "I haven't enjoyed an animation like this for a long time. A fun, action-packed thrill that won't disappoint." -www.MovieJungle.com "The Doctor Strange movie itself was positively received in the convention hall, generating praise from both a young first-time con attendee and an actual medical doctor who has followed the character since his first days." - ComicBookResources.com "The voice acting was solid all around." -www.mania.com "An exciting, impactful, well-directed and beautifully illustrated film based on a lesser-known comic-book icon. The doctor, most certainly, is in...Go and see him." -IGN.com "I recommend running out and buying this when it hits shelves on August 14th." - Newsarama.com "Doctor Strange is one movie that I would easily Recommend. It's a great movie for either the Marvel newbies or Marvel Zombie...Make an appointment with Doctor Strange!" - World's Finest DVD Report www.wfdvdreport.com "I found Doctor Strange to be someone I really became close to, his struggle and recovery are something I think all of us have gone through, whether emotional or physically." - Comics2Film.com "Grade: A-" - www.The-Trades.com Make sure to check out "Doctor Strange" in stores now and the official "Doctor Strange" website for videos, stills, bios, news and more.

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