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The Essential Elektra

The world's deadliest assassin hits the big screen January 14 in her own blockbuster movie. Starring Jennifer Garner (TV's "Alias," "Daredevil"), Terrence Stamp ("The Limey," "Superman") and Goran Visnjic ("ER"), this "Daredevil" follow up features some of the best martial arts action this side of Bruce Lee. Can't wait till Elektra hits the theaters? Check out these classic Elektra collections! ELEKTRA: THE SCORPIO KEY ELEKTRA LIVES AGAIN ELEKTRA & WOLVERINE: THE REDEEMER ELEKTRA VOL. 1: INTROSPECT ELEKTRA VOL. 2: EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN ELEKTRA VOL. 3: RELENTLESS ELEKTRA VOL. 4: FRENZY ELEKTRA: THE HAND ELEKTRA: THE MOVIE ULTIMATE ELEKTRA: DEVIL'S DUE ULTIMATE DAREDEVIL AND ELEKTRA And then there's that red guy that Elektra sometimes hangs out with: DAREDEVIL VS. BULLSEYE VOL. 1 DAREDEVIL LEGENDS VOL. III: MAN WITHOUT FEAR DAREDEVIL VISIONARIES: FRANK MILLER VOL. II DAREDEVIL VISIONARIES: FRANK MILLER VOL. III To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook. Search the Marvel online catalog for more Elektra titles!



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