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Punisher: War Zone Movie

Three More Enter the War Zone

Two villains and a sidekick cast for Punisher movie sequel

It seems that there's no rest for the powers behind Marvel Studios and Lionsgate's highly anticipated Punisher sequel, "Punisher: War Zone." Following up on her first four casting choices, director Lexi Alexander dropped details for a trio of new roles on her official blog. Every good hero-even the merciless Punisher-needs a great villain, and Alexander's found the "perfect Jigsaw" in Dominic West ("300" and HBO's "The Wire"). Can he handle the scarred and sadistic criminal? You betcha. And what's better than one enemy for Frank Castle? Two, of course. And while West suits up as the film's big bad guy Jigsaw, Martial arts master and action movie veteran T.J. Storm also joins "War Zone" as the savagely vicious Irish gangster Maginty. And though it's still unclear how the character will fit into Castle's war, Punisher's sometimes sidekick-and frequent weaponsmaster-Microchip will be played by Wayne Knight, known far and wide for his role as Newman on "Seinfeld"! The film is set to shoot in Montreal this October so check back in with us regularly for the latest updates on everything "Punisher: War Zone"!

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