X-Men: First Class Movie

4 New X-Men: First Class Movie Clips & TV Spot

Catch even more of the First Class of X-Men in these 4 new movie clips and new TV spot!



After showing you three new clips from "X-Men: First Class" yesterday, we've got even more goodies in store for you with a quartet of clips along with a new TV spot for the film's June 3 premiere!

Watch Magneto make a stand, Sebastian Shaw offer the young mutants a choice, Beast and Mystique share a quiet moment and more in the four new clips below, then check out our new TV spot for the film!

Pre-order your "X-Men: First Class" movie tickets now on Fandango, Moviefone or MovieTickets.com, and stay tuned to Marvel.com as we approach the movie's premiere this Friday!

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X-Men: First Class was an amazing, well put together movie, to say the least. It answered every question I had, such as why Magneto and Professor X were enemies, and how Professor X lost his legs. I could most certainly see it again, possibly thrice.


yeah the movie sucks...its hard to get into the movie when you can pin point the mistakes


As awesome as these clips make the movie look, it is a pale thread compared to the real thing: Check out my review of X-Men: First Class, then go watch it. Today.