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The First Avenger: Captain America

Vote Marvel at the People's Choice Awards 2012

Vote for Thor and Captain America in this year's People's Choice Awards!

Thor and Captain America need your help in taking home their own trophies at this year's People's Choice Awards!

"Thor" received a nomination for "Favorite Action Movie," while Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans--Thor and Cap themselves--are nominated in the "Favorite Movie Superhero" category!

But that's not all--"X-Men: First Class" also received a number of nominations, including "Favorite Action Movie" and "Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast," while stars James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence are also up for the film.

Check out the full list of Marvel nominations below, and you can vote now at the official People's Choice Awards site, and remember to spread the word to your friends! You can cast your ballot as many times as you like, so vote early and vote often and you can help Cap and Thor take home the prize! Then tune in to the People's Choice Awards on January 11, 2012 on CBS to see who won!

Favorite Action Movie
"X-Men: First Class"

Favorite Movie Superhero
Chris Evans - "Captain America: The First Avenger"
Chris Hemsworth - "Thor"
Jennifer Lawrence - "X-Men: First Class"
James McAvoy - "X-Men: First Class"

Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast
"X-Men: First Class"

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Thor ! feel sorry for green lantern guy , any other year it would be his but Thor was really awesome and if not then First class ! There should be fav super vilan and magneto would win .. or maybe not for the last scene gay helmet :D


When Disney buys out television the rights to the X-men will go back to marvel.


Oh my.... I love you Chris Evans!!And the Captain America is amazing!! :D


Captian America: The First Avenger and Thor ! :D


thor was a disappointment, i wanted to watch a movie about an asgardian, not a movie about a guy from Australia