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Iron Man Movie

Peter David Suits Up For Iron Man

The fan favorite writer prepares to pen the novelization of 2008's summer blockbuster

Howdy Shellheads, we have some more big "Iron Man" news hot off the press! Comic scribe Peter David announced October 30 on his official web site that he'll be the man to bring next summer's highly anticipated blockbuster, "Iron Man," from the silver screen to the printed page. That's right, True Believers, the man behind Marvel hits like SHE-HULK, DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER BORN, X-FACTOR and more will be adapting director Jon Favreau's upcoming big screen powerhouse for its novelization. "I'm writing the novelization for the upcoming 'Iron Man' movie which will be hitting theaters in May of 2008. The novelization will be published by Del Rey. The deadline on the book is tight, but I should have no trouble hitting it. Rock solid script (although naturally I can't go into any details)," says David on his website. Who needs script details with David's adaptation of the flick set to hit bookshelves? Get stoked Marvel fans! Hit up our Iron Man Movie Hub for more news, images, videos and details.



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