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The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie)

Visit the New Amazing Spider-Man Movie Site

Get more details on the story & characters, download wallpapers & more at the official website for 'The Amazing Spider-Man'!

Looking for more details on the story and characters featured in "The Amazing Spider-Man," hitting theaters July 3, 2012? How about some awesome wallpapers featuring new shots of Spidey, Gwen Stacy, Curt Connors and Captain Stacy?

Swing over to the official website for "The Amazing Spider-Man," where you can find all of the above plus even more.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" promises to tell a different side of the Peter Parker story, giving fans a new look at the iconic hero. So while you're waiting for July 3, 2012 to roll around, head on over to the official film site to get some new details and goodies for your desktop!
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i dont thinck it will be as good as the others because they have chnaged peter parker and what have they done with the costume


I really hope the movie will be good. I think the outfit could have been better.