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Marvel's The Avengers Senitype Collectibles

Check out Marvel's "The Avengers" Senitype Collectibles

Marvel is pleased to introduce "Marvel's The Avengers" collectibles from Senitype! What is a Senitype? It's a 35mm film cel embedded in a collectible card! You can get a
collectible Senitype bookmark, classic card, or movie ticket.

Each collectible comes with an original film cel from the movie and is a numbered limited edition, making every piece unique! And you can even redeem the collectible movie ticket to see a movie. Keep the ticket as a collectible and once activated, redeem the code to see your movie!

You can buy each piece individually or in packs. Have a soft spot for Iron Man? You can purchase the Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. pack to add to your collection! Each unique pack includes two redeemable 3"x5"Senitype collectible movie tickets, one 5"x 7" classic Senitype, and two 2.5"x7" Senitype bookmarks!

Collect all of your favorite Avengers characters today by visiting the Senitype website.

"Marvel The Avengers" bookmarks from Senitype
"Marvel's The Avengers" Senitype classic collectible
"Marvel's The Avengers" collectible movie tickets from Senitype
"Marvel's The Avengers" classic Senitype collectible
"Marvel's The Avengers" Senitype classic collectible

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