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General Hospital's Jason Cook Assembles With The Avengers

The 'General Hospital' star talks about growing up a Marvel fan!



By Arune Singh

In the fictional town of Port Charles, Doctor Matt Hunter has faced everything from medical trauma to mob wars to returns from the dead. But this Wednesday on an all-new episode of ABC’s hit daytime soap opera "General Hospital," Matt encounters something unlike anything he’s experienced before--the blockbuster film "Marvel’s The Avengers." The April 25 episode of GH features a special scene involving the most-anticipated film of 2012, involving popular characters Matt Hunter and Spinelli as they investigate a murder mystery. spoke with Jason Cook, the actor behind Matt Hunter, about this titanic team up, his experience at "Marvel's The Avengers" red carpet premiere and his long time love for comics. Have you always been a big fan of comic books?

Jason Cook: Hell yeah, I was a big time fan when I was a kid. I would ride my bike to the comic stores two days a week, and still have my entire collection at my home. I just built a bookcase and kind of want to bring out my collection to put on it. I was a die-hard fan of Wolverine, Punisher and especially of X-Force. I love that series--it was the right rime, I was the right age and I was die-hard. I also remember when I got every issue of Infinity Gauntlet. Do you remember that series?

Spinelli (Bradford Anderson, left), Cameron (Braeden Walkes), and Matt (Jason Cook, right) in "General Hospital" Yeah, that’s one of the all time greats.

Jason Cook: Seeing every single Marvel super hero together? That was a big deal. I would love to see the Marvel Studios films go that direction. How do you go bigger than the Avengers movie? That’s a great segue into asking you about the film, as you attended the red carpet premiere in Los Angeles. Did you enjoy the movie?

Jason Cook: I thought it was fantastic, especially how they were able to balance all those characters, stars and plotlines in one film. Just doing that makes my head spin! The whole time I was watching it I was thinking it was a logistical nightmare to make sure you have all the characters in all the right situations so that it all comes together to produce something greater than their individual stories. That’s a feat, so hats off to [director] Joss [Whedon].

Afterwards we ended up in the elevator with Stan Lee, who I was really excited to meet and I totally posted a picture to twitter right away. He was really, really cool. I asked him what he thought of the film he [joked], “Well, there certainly could’ve been a little more excitement and maybe one more explosion—there was time for at least one more thing to blow up”. Meeting Stan is always such an awesome experience. Now going back to something you mentioned earlier, you seemed to like a lot of the darker characters like Wolverine, X-Force and Thanos. What was it about them that appealed to you in your youth?

Jason Cook: Wolverine was the rogue badass that did things his own way but still came out on the side of good--well at least most of the time. And having adamantium claws? That’s every kid’s fantasy, popping out those clows and dispensing with all the bad guys. That’s a fantasy every kid can run with and I certainly did. I also had a bunch of Punisher comics because he was really big at the time. Like I said before, those characters came about at the right time for me. Being such a big Marvel fan, how did you react to learning that you would be involved in such a big Marvel-centric scene on "General Hospital"?

Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) in "General Hospital"

Jason Cook: I thought it would be awesome and allowed us to bring a little bit of our real life, the things we enjoy outside of work, into the professional world while pretending to be these other people. Me, I was just excited to see the posters [laughs]. The movie is absolutely the biggest thing ever. I still can’t believe the cast you guys were able to assemble for this movie. It’s absolutely insane [that] there were so many movies stars on that stage at the same time. It was just really cool and it made our job really easy that day because we allowed that real world excitement to bleed over into what we’re doing. Are there a lot of comic fans on the "General Hospital" set? You mentioned that Bradford [Anderson, who portrays Spinelli] and you are both fans.
Jason Cook: I think you managed to pick the two right guys--we’re definitely the biggest fans! Some readers might not realize that Matt’s a new character, or just how popular he’s become on the show in such a short time. Why do you think he’s such a hit with soap fans, who not unlike comic fans, don’t always warm to new characters?

Jason Cook: It’s being honest about whatever the situation is no matter how farfetched it is--both comics and soaps can sometimes enter this territory. There’s always some sort of truth and honesty underlying all that motivation. And so I think it’s always the actor’s job, especially in a soap that moves so quickly where you only have one take, to always treat the material honestly, otherwise it reeks “soapy.” I think it’s the same thing with comics as well. No matter how outrageous the story or circumstances, as long as there is some truth behind it, everything works in the end. That’s what’s so cool about comics--no matter how outrageous the character is or their special abilities are, there’s always a very core, relatable reason that allows you to identify with this fantastical person. For those who are fans of "General Hospital," can you tease anything coming up with Matt?
Jason Cook: Here’s something--Matt might have drunkenly put himself into a situation where he cannot reverse. Thank you so much for the time, Jason.

Jason Cook: Thanks for having me! I’d also like to mention that if you’re a fan of Bradford or I, please check out the new Kickstarter we just launched for our new film.

Tune in tomorrow for an interview with "General Hospital's" Bradford Anderson, who talks about working with Jason Cook in this historic team up between "Marvel's The Avengers" and "General Hospital."

You can see Dr Matt Hunter come face-to-face with "Marvel’s The Avengers" on ABC’s "General Hospital," this Wednesday, April 25 at 3et/2pt/c on ABC.

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