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Iron Man Movie

Iron Man Movie Site Upgrades

The countdown to Iron Man's big screen debut continues as the armored Avenger's official movie site goes to the next level

"Iron Man" may not be hitting the big screen until May 2, 2008, but ol' Shellhead has already invaded computer screens and given the Internet a dose of Stark technology on the official web site for the upcoming feature film, which recently upgraded. Fans who visit the site will be greeted by Iron Man's gleaming visage and the feature trailer, also available in the Video section in high definition. Clicking on Story provides the basic background behind the film, both on screen and behind the scenes. Visiting the Images section will give viewers a glimpse at six shots of Tony Stark and his armored alter ego. Under Cast, check out bios and pictures of the movie's four principal characters: Tony (Robert Downey Jr.), James Rhodes (Terrence Howard), Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges). Finally, the Fan Art link currently takes you to a gallery of promotional and design images created professionally for the movie, but will gradually grow to include art of Iron Man produced by fans. Once the section becomes fully operational, visitors will be able to rate their favorite pieces. While these renovations may already be enough to get your rocket boots revved, hold those repulsor rays in check because much like the character it centers on, the "Iron Man" site will continue to evolve. As May 2, 2008 approaches, look for more videos, pictures, bios and fan art as well as new sections yet to come. Visit the official "Iron Man" site today and get ready for some heavy metal!

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