Marvel One-Shot: Item 47

What is Item 47?

Marvel Studios' latest short film stars Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Bradford as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde



By Christina Pham & Marc Strom

This summer's blockbuster "Marvel's The Avengers" has reached far and wide, but when it comes to Blu-ray September 25 fans will meet two more people whose lives changed after the events of the film.

Available exclusively on the "Marvel's The Avengers" Blu-ray, "Marvel One-Shot: Item 47" stars Lizzy Caplan ("Party Down") and Jesse Bradford ("Flags of Our Fathers") as two denizens of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who just so happen to have some advanced Chitauri tech literally fall into their laps after the feature film's final battle.

Lizzy Caplan stars as Claire in "Marvel One-Shot: Item 47"

The 12-minute short film features Benny (Bradford) and Claire (Caplan), a normal couple turned modern-day Bonnie and Clyde after they get their hands on one of the discarded alien guns. They end up putting the weapon to some less than noble use, so two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, played by Maximiliano Hernandez ("Thor," "Marvel's The Avengers") and Titus Welliver ("Lost"), set out to relieve them of the out-of-this-world firearm.

Directed by Louis D'Esposito, Co-President of Marvel Studios, "Marvel One-Shot: Item 47" will premiere at a special screening during next week's Comic-Con International: San Diego!

To learn more details about the special screening, Avengers fans at San Diego Comic-Con can participate in a scavenger hunt with the "Avengers Second Screen" app, available as a free download at the iTunes store beginning Friday, July 6. Those not attending San Diego Comic-Con can still download the app to see a clip of "Marvel One-Shot: Item 47," but for those taking part in next weekend's festivities, this app takes you one step closer to the "Item 47" screening!

The "Avengers Second Screen" app provides you with the first clue, so download it and find your way through the city to enjoy "Item 47" before anyone else does! Happy scavenging!

Don't forget to pre-order your copy of "Marvel's The Avengers" on Blu-ray now to see "Marvel One-Shot: Item 47" for yourself!

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