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By Christina Pham & Marc Strom

Loki’s demeanor successfully evoked a creepy and menacing aura in “Thor,” so is there even a way to make him more eerie and maniacal?

Loki concept art by Charlie Wen from "Marvel's The Avengers"

That was the challenge posed to Charlie Wen in “Marvel’s The Avengers,” after he previously helped shape Loki’s look with the first “Thor” film. Keep reading, and prepare yourselves for a newer, yet familiar kind of evil. Wen can agree with us when we say that it’s all in the horns… You spent a lot of time with this character in "Thor." What was it like revisiting him?

Charlie Wen: As far as character designs that were practical, he was my favorite one to redesign this time around. [Director] Joss [Whedon] wanted Loki to seem like he travelled to places we don’t know of--he’s changed since we last saw him in “Thor.” The metals on his costume are more worn and scratched, and he’s darker. Because of that, we were able to treat his metal more like actual armor and make it feel like it’s been used. This was the first time we were able to do this with Loki, so it makes him look more authentic since he looks worn and not so brand new. There’s more culture to it.

I do like his helmet better this time around too. It’s more aggressive. The horns in the first helmet went straight up and curled around to the back. This time around, I wanted to treat it more like something that came forward towards you first, then tilted back. They’re a bit longer and thinner, which is something to make him look more mischievous and more of who his character is. I felt like I got to play more into what his character is to be shown on his costume.

Loki (without helmet and cape) concept art by Charlie Wen from "Marvel's The Avengers" What went into the design process for his casual costume? What did you have to modify on his regular, full-blown costume to make it something more of what he could walk around in?

Charlie Wen: A big part was in his arms and body--his walking around costume didn’t have the armor on his upper arm, as well as some armor going down his torso. It doesn’t look like he’s ready for battle or anything. I just added a layer onto it to make sure it would work out and fit. What was it about his helmet that you feel gave him such a menacing silhouette?

Charlie Wen: A lot of that comes from the gesture of his horns, the curve that comes outwards towards you but curves back towards him. That gesture is pretty aggressive at the beginning, then curves down towards his spine. It does more of a whiplash thing towards the audience or whoever he’s looking at. It’s already a type of in-your-face thing. For me, that was the biggest part of his initial read, to make sure that gesture came across.

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