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The Amazing Spider-Man Second Screen App

Sony unveils 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Second Screen App with new content added weekly leading up to the Blu-ray release!



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Get ready to explore the exciting production surrounding "The Amazing Spider-Man," when Sony Pictures Home Entertainment debuts "The Amazing Spider-Man" Second Screen App, available exclusively for the Sony Tablet S, Sony Xperia Tablet S and Apple iPad. The Second Screen App, which syncs only with the Blu-ray Disc, transforms the movie-watching experience, giving users behind-the-scenes access into the amazing world of Spider-Man throughout the film. Additionally, the App will unlock new content each week with all content available by the November 9 release of "The Amazing Spider-Man" on Blu-ray.

By accessing the Second Screen App, users can engage with key elements from the film while watching it on Blu-ray. The App includes two interactive modes – Timeline and Production – both featuring extensive content from the set such as interviews with the cast and filmmakers, featurettes on the making of the film, behind-the-scenes photos, storyboards, concept art, pre-visualization sequences, stunt rehearsals, trivia, factoids and more.

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in "The Amazing Spider-Man" Second Screen App

In Timeline Mode, the App syncs with the Blu-ray Disc, allowing scene-specific trivia, featurettes, storyboards, interviews, and other content to scroll across your tablet in time with the movie.

In Production Mode, users can explore even more content that goes deeper into the making of the film by diving into the various areas of the production process including Filmmakers, Story, Design, Cast, Location and Stunts, among others. And when the App syncs with the Blu-ray Disc through a connected player, users can “sling” select content from the Sony Tablet or iPad to the television screen to watch it in full HD, for a greater viewing experience.

In addition, users can also update their Facebook and Twitter pages and share their viewing experience by posting trivia and facts directly from the App.

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Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in "The Amazing Spider-Man" Second Screen App

"The Amazing Spider-Man" Second Screen App is available for free from Google Play on the Sony Tablet or at and from the App Store on iPad or at

"The Amazing Spider-Man" tells the story of teenage Peter Parker, who grapples with both high school and amazing super-human crises as his alter-ego Spider-Man battles the Lizard.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" debuts on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, DVD, and a Limited Edition Gift Set with collectible Spider-Man and Lizard figurines, all with UltraViolet, on Friday, November 9 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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