The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie)

What Was the Most Exciting Part of the Amazing Spider-Man?

We look back at Spidey's latest cinematic outing!



The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t just any old reboot--it’s a totally new take on the Spider-Man franchise!

Now that you’ve seen it on the big screen, you know it’s full of heart-stopping action, killer special effects, and a phenomenal cast. Andrew Garfield reinvents the role of Peter Parker, a quiet teen with some serious super powers. Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy isn’t the shy girl-next-door, she’s bursting with butt-kicking girl power, always right at the center of the action. Together they face the Lizard, a terrifyingly altered villain who plans to destroy New York, and Spider-Man along with it.

Pre-order "The Amazing Spider-Man" on Blu-ray and DVD today! This film is a Marvel blockbuster unlike any other. After experiencing the excitement for yourself, what do you think was the most awesome and unexpected part of The Amazing Spider-Man? Sound off on Facebook and Twitter!

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Spider-man vs The Lizard in the sewers. The special effects were amazing.