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Ask the Director: Louis Leterrier's Hulk Fan Q&A

Updated on 6/13/08 with the final video! Watch "The Incredible Hulk's" director field fan questions in this three part video series!



The Jade Giant
towers over
Louis Leterrier

You have questions, Louis Leterrier has answers! Hulk fans attending 2007 San Diego Comic-Con submitted queries via video to "The Incredible Hulk's" director. Now with less than two weeks to go before the film's June 13 opening—you get to see the answers direct from Leterrier! We'll release three videos chock full of fandom's most passionate and pressing questions for the man behind the monster.

Louis Leterrier and
Tim Roth sign for fans

Watch the first today and come back Friday, June 6 for Part 2 and before you head to the theater on Friday, June 13, be sure to catch the third and final part! "Incredible Hulk" Fan Q&A, Part 3:
"Incredible Hulk" Fan Q&A, Part 2:
"Incredible Hulk" Fan Q&A, Part 1:
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