The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie)

Watch The Amazing Spider-Man Super Preview

Get your best look at 'The Amazing Spider-Man' yet in this four-minute super preview!



"The Amazing Spider-Man" doesn't come to theaters until July 3, but that won't stop Spidey from saving a few innocents a little earlier in a new super preview for the movie!

Check out some awesome new footage, including an extended scene featuring Spider-Man saving innocent bystanders from a disaster on a New York City bridge! Plus, get even more of the Lizard, Gwen Stacy, Captain Stacy and more as the mystery behind Spider-Man's origin deepens.

Watch the full super preview below, and keep your eyes on for all things Spider-Man as we count down to his new cinematic adventure!

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the amazing spiderman was an enjoyable popcorn fare flick for the most part. i liked peter and gwen better than mary jane watson who didn,tfit or portrary the comic version accurately. that said the reboot sequal for spider 2 character choice and script should be developed very carefully by sony and marvel,it,s a great opportunity that shouldnt be least gwen stacy might live a little bit longer until marvel,s ready for who ever the new green goblin might be to finally kill her.meister_209


When does it come out?