Marvel's The Avengers

See Marvel's The Avengers Again This Weekend

Check out a new TV spot for 'Marvel's The Avengers' before heading out to see it once more this weekend!



Everyone's talking about "Marvel's The Avengers," and we've got a new TV spot for the film to get you stoked before you head out to see it again this weekend!

Check out the full spot below, and assemble with Earth's Mightiest Heroes all over again in "Marvel's The Avengers," in theaters now!

How many times have you seen it? What was your favorite part? Who's your favorite Avenger? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

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I just caught Avengers for the third time tonight... I have to say this where hopefully someone that matters will see it.. I hope they give some very serious consideration to introducing Hank Pym in Iron Man 3 or something, so as to have him in Avengers 2. After Thanos, looking ahead to Avengers 3... the nod to him being one of the first Avengers, is just the smallest part. He created Ultron, who in turn created Vision. Hank Pym would add a lot of options to the possible story lines for future movies. He was messed up, straighten out and twisted again, but in all the stories, he was just an incredible element to the Avengers history in comics.