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The Wolverine

The Wolverine's Twitpic Round Up

Director James Mangold has unleashed two new images on his Twitter!

Logan doesn't look happy in "The Wolverine"

This summer, Logan pops his claws once more in “The Wolverine,” and Marvel.com has your look at the action with two new photos Director James Mangold has posted to his Twitter!

First up, Mangold tweeted a new shot of star Hugh Jackman in a moody portrait. Then, the director gave us a look behind-the-scenes at how the filmmakers go about creating some of the destruction we'll see on screen. Logan may have lost his memories, but his violent life is never far behind!

Marvel’s favorite Canadian slices his way back onto the silver screen in “The Wolverine” July 26! Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more looks at Logan’s latest adventure!

A look at an explosive set from "The Wolverine"

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