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Thor: The Dark World

Get to Know the Collector & Infinity Gems

Get the scoop on the mysterious character introduced at the end of Marvel's 'Thor: The Dark World'!

By Jim Beard

Two intriguing new concepts made their exciting film debut in an end-credits sequence of Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World,” the Collector and the Infinity Stones, both of which find their inspiration in the Marvel Universe of comics. With rich and detailed histories, the two stand as longtime favorites of fans of Marvel’s signature cosmic tales.

All That Glitters…

The Infinity Gauntlet

Numbering six in all, the Infinity Gems in the comics exist both on their own and in a symbiotic relationship with each other. If harnessed as a single force, they could quite literally snuff out every star in the universe.

Each of the colored gems possesses its own singular power: Green for Soul, Orange for Time, Purple for Space, Blue for Mind, Yellow for Reality, and Red for Power. Many beings sought their power over the eons, but few managed to keep or control them. The Elder of the Universe once attempted to defeat the planet-devouring Galactus with them, while the Mad Titan Thanos assembled them into an Infinity Gauntlet, giving him the power to quite literally end all life in the universe.

Most recently, a group of Earth’s champions known as the Illuminati separated the Gems and each member hid one in a place unknown to the others, though they seemingly destroyed the artifacts unintentionally in an effort to save the Earth from complete annihilation. Whether or not the Infinity Gems truly no longer exist remains to be seen…

Enter…The Collector

Taneleer Tivan, the Collector

Allegedly born billions of years ago on a far-off planet, Taneleer Tivan possessed a near-omnipotent form of energy, the Power Primordial, and existed as one of the legendary Elders of the Universe. Tivan’s passion centered upon the obtaining and hoarding of rare and unusual items, thus his widely-known sobriquet of the Collector.

His hobby eventually led him to Earth, where he began to encounter the planet’s superhuman population and their own drive to interfere with his collecting. After several such skirmishes, the Collector attempted to intervene between the Avengers and the god-like entity Korvac, the latter of whom brought up about his destruction. Tivan’s resurrection came about through a contest between another of the Elders and Death, and thus the Collector continued with his hobby--and his clashes with Earth heroes and cosmic champions alike.

His collection even once included an Infinity Gem, one of the most rare and unusual items that ever existed in the Marvel Universe.

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