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Wolverine: The Best There Is

Bring 'The Wolverine' home on Blu-ray and DVD today!

"The Wolverine" Unleashed Extended Edition on Blu-ray
"The Wolverine" tore through theaters this past summer, and now X-fans around the world can bring the epic home on Blu-ray and DVD!

Hugh Jackman returns once more as Wolverine, this time cutting his way across Japan after the events of the original X-Men movie trilogy. Haunted by his past, Logan may have found the answer to all his problems in Yashida, the man whose life he once saved. But what cost will the X-Man pay in the end?

Packed with bonus features including bonus footage, an alternate ending and new featurettes, "The Wolverine" on Blu-ray brings Logan's latest cinematic adventure straight to your living room! Order your copy today and re-live the adventure again and again!
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I have that movie at my birthday yesterday, and I also watch it at the theater IT WAS AWESOME!!!!:) It has my favorate storyline of Wolverine. And they got Hugh Jackman in it HE IS HOT!!!!!:)