Guardians of the Galaxy (Movie)

From Hala To Xander: Mapping Out Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

Check out 5 of the extraterrestrial hotspots featured in Marvel's latest feature film!



"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" leaves our home planet's orbit and spreads the mighty Marvel ethos to previously unseen corners of the universe. For those of you curious to learn more about the comic book origins of the intergalactic destinations featured in the big screen romp, we've compiled a list containing the debut appearances of five of "Guardians of the Galaxy's" hotspots!


The Kree homeworld first appeared right near the dawn of Marvel's cosmic line of comics. Mere months after meeting Kree aliens like Captain Mar-Vell and Ronan the Accuser, Marvel fans got a glimpse of their home planet Hala. This planet's as known for its architectural marvels and scientific prowess as it is for its civil wars and social unrest.


As the homeplanet of the Nova Corps, Xandar has been at the center of a number of hostile encounters and full-on wars. The planet even faced utter annihilation at the hands of Nebula, only to be reconstructed by the Nova corpsman called Richard Rider. But Nova ultimately could not save the planet, as it met its end during the cataclysmic Annihilation event.


Where do you put the biggest, baddest criminals in the galaxy? You toss them into the Kyln and throw away the key! This prison has held everyone from Star-Lord to Thanos within its cells--and it's suffered greatly for it. Seriously, no structure can contain the might of Thanos; the Kyln's destroyed remains attest to that fact.


The ultimate example of recycling, the giant space station called Knowhere exists in the severed head of a Celestial. The ramshackle setup serves as a trading post, hideout, and haven for misfits and runaways--and it even housed the Guardians of the Galaxy for a while.


Annihilation: Conquest - Quasar #3

Annihilation Conquest: Quasar (2007) #3

Morag IV makes its film debut following a brief appearance during the Annihilation: Conquest event. The remote planet's barren surface played host to a throw down between Quasar and Moondragon against the Super-Adaptoid and the Phalanx. The brave inhabitants of Morag IV even joined in the fight, giving the two proto-Guardians a help with their spears and shields.

See these planets come to life when "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" arrives in theaters on August 1st!

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